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October 1, 2015 | Jack Galante

October Member of the Month

This months Gang of the Month is Linda Schultz, a Trailboss from Maine. 
Coast to coast, Linda finds herself sharing our wines with friends & family at home, at the beach, by the lakes.  A newcomer to California, discovering the Carmel Valley AVA is a true diamond in the rough.  "Wine with a little backbone", she calls it. More than anything, she likes a red that pairs nicely with food, and not competing for attention. Next trip out, she and her husband plan a tour at the winery with Jack.  Maybe sneak a peek at what’s on the horizon for 2016! (and hopefully a taste or two!)
Linda’s favorite Galante: Our bold Blackjack Pasture is a worthy companion beside a cowboy steak!  Second to none: Bulls Eye Red. A rich and decadent pairing with chocolate lava cake & vanilla ice-cream. Tried & True!
Words of Wisdom: Wine; because no great story ever started over salad !

Congrats & a big thank you for your patronage!  


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