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December 15, 2015 | Jack Galante

Wine Gang Member of the Month- December

Theres a history Jon & Lynn Guess share with Galante. Introduced to the wines at the Taste of Monterey; Jon was looking for a “nice, upscale” bottle for a gift at Christmas………And so, the love affair began with Blackjack Pasture 11 years ago. Jon fell over the top and Galante has been his go-to ever since.  In fact, 50% of their cellar is Galante wines including a Blackjack vertical beginning with 2005! After this Christmas it will be slightly less tho, as Santa is bringing 50 Saddlepack boxes packaged with 150 Galante wines…. home for the holidays. Lyn is enamored with Bulls Eye High. It was love at first sight, or shall we say taste…. Although, the bottle itself is rather a kick!Their most treasured bottle in the cellar is a vintage 1.5L Hock Magnum from 1994, etched with Red Roses. Presently, it contains 2012 Blackjack, until the next refill - - when Jon will proudly package up his prized Galante bottle in its custom wooden case, and send it back for what will likely be 2013 Blackjack Pasture.  The Guess’s have earned their bragging rights as Foreman in the Wine Gang - but their real claim to fame is the one and only correct answer in the trivia competition at the Wine Gang Muster this year.  “What was only year Blackjack Pasture was not bottled?” 



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