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Jack & Dawn


Jack worked on the family’s cattle ranch every summer as a young man, and his interest in wine started while living in Europe at age 13. A geographer and environmental planner by education, Jack’s passion for, and dedication to preserving the land, manifests in his sustainable approach to his cattle ranch, vineyards, and winery. Jack is the creative mind behind Galante Vineyard's unique brand, and he oversees all aspects of the business, including keeping an eye on the winemaking process. Jack is as dedicated to his winery as he is to his family: his wife Dawn and their five children.

If Jack is not side by side with Dawn in their tasting room offices, he is probably holding her hand as they walk through the vineyards with their dogs never too far behind. Jack is the true embodiment of the "cowboy philosophy" he preaches, stylizing his life on exacting advice such as, "Always drink upstream from the herd," and "If you come to a fork in the road, take the fork!"


Vivacious and spirited, Dawn has a passion for life, and a head for business. Her dedication to producing her ‘wines with a purpose’ has been revolutionary in the industry, supporting many great causes throughout the year. Born and raised in Michigan, she fell in love with California in 1985, and never left. After meeting Jack, she joined the team where she is the CFO for the business.

Dawn cherishes her family and friends above all else. She has a mischievous, adventurous side, and is always eager to take part in her favorite outdoor sports: snow skiing, scuba diving, and hiking.  As living proof that dreamers exist and excel, Dawn has built her life on free-thinker Henry David Thoreau's belief that "Dreams are the touchstones of our character."