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A Legacy of Frontier Spirit and Bold Ventures

Embark on a journey through time and witness the pioneering spirit of the Galante Family, deeply woven into the tapestry of Monterey County's history. This is a tale of visionaries and trailblazers, where the roots of owner Jack Galante's heritage run deep. Their legacy begins with the remarkable James Frank Devendorf, founder of the charming town of Carmel-by-the-Sea in 1900, who also later crafted the prestigious Highlands Inn.

In 1969, Jack's parents took hold of a sprawling 700-acre cattle ranch nestled in the rugged hills of Carmel Valley. Here, young Jack found his heart captivated by the allure of agriculture, ranching, and the timeless appeal of the cowboy way of life.

While maintaining their working cattle ranch, the Galantes ignited a new passion in 1983 - cultivating premium wine grapes on their land, with Cabernet Sauvignon at its core. The untamed spirit of the Wild West and the attraction of winemaking converged harmoniously on their property. In 1994, Jack harnessed his dreams, constructing a remarkable winery to craft his ultra-premium estate bottled wines, lovingly nurtured from their very own grapes.

Though the property has since found new hands in 2020, Jack Galante's heart still lingers with the land, using some grapes from those storied vineyards and other select estates across the state to produce his wines. Today, Galante stands tall as a beacon of excellence, hailed as one of Monterey County's premier wine producers, capturing the essence of California's bold spirit in every exquisite drop.

In 2004, Jack further embraced his pioneering spirit with opening the first wine tasting room in the town founded by his great-grandfather over 100 years prior. Now Carmel-by-the-Sea is recognized as one of the foremost wine tasting destinations in the US.

Step into the legacy of a family that tamed the untamed land, forging a path through history with the fire of pioneers and the draw of great ventures. Raise your glass to the frontier spirit that flows through every bottle of Galante wine - a testament to the resilience, audacity, and enduring charm of the West.